Technology Lab

About Us

We are an all-volunteer non-profit technology lab for everyone focusing on people looking to learn new skills, project incubation, internships, and learning across many areas, including networking, security, virtual machines/directories, management and programming. We’re still operating in a bit of a stealth mode but are aiming for a grand opening soon. The lab has a physical space in Gainesville, Florida. 


Interns needed! No experience necessary!

  • Are you looking to get experience on hardware and software that is normally only touched by experts?
  • Maybe you’re interested to learn how to build software, servers, and networks and then make them secure?
  • Possibly want to meet others in your community who are also interested in getting more skilled and knowledgable when it comes to technology?



The network at RealityLabs is built using several routers and switches and provides hundreds of ethernet ports for multi-device network design. PoE is provided for those desiring to test VoIP as well as Cisco Wireless APs installed across the campus. We need designers to help build and document these network interconnections. Internships in Network Design, Wireless Design, and VoIP Design are available. All internships will include implementation work.


Internships are available for a Firewall evaluator and implementor as well as in Intrusion Detection design: Both will have hands on access to build, configure, and test multiple different software and hardware products.

Virtual Machines / Directories

The best way to get the horsepower to the students and community members who want it is to provide virtual private servers to those who request it. An internship (Virtual Machine Service Provider) is available that will install and configure the virtual machine software as well as the control panel for members of RealityLabs to check out and spin up resources and machines. An Active Directory Design internship is also available to serve the secure directory that will provide authentication to all Lab components.


Are you technically minded and find your flow communicating with others and planning out projects or ensuring that all the steps for a plan get done without a hitch? Internships in Program Coordination, Lab Advocacy, and Technical Documentation and Archival are available.


Are you an expert in your IDE? Do you know the right answer between the Vim vs. Emacs feud? Are you convinced that your personal plugins and workflows are the best to use when programming with a certain programming language? An internship for Software Development Resource Coordinator is open.